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January Full Moon Erotica


Well, that was a fun two days of naughty full moon fun, we think our contributors were definitely feeling the lunar pull ;) Weren’t they hot?

You’ve been teased, titillated, dominated and hopefully corrupted by their writing talents, please show your love by following them all :)

Here you can read at your dirty leisure for your dirty pleasure ;)

We’re honoured to have had so many fantastic, talented contributions from the following authors - #FullMoonErotica


Teagan @Lost_InSilence 

Follow her on tumblr


Helen Johnston @HelenJohnstonIL

Author of the Journey of Innocence Series


Adrianna Vincent @TWDFreak

Read Adrianna's short erotic story 'JEDRA' HERE

Adrianna publishes her erotic stories on Sex Marks The Spot


Anonymous 'BlueMoon'



Of the South of Heaven series


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